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APMG Agile Project Management Practitioner

APMG Agile Project Management Practitioner


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This three-day accredited course provides participants with a thorough grounding in the DSDM Agile Project Management framework. The course included the in-depth Practitioner-level examination of how a project manager applies the framework.

Presented by skilled lecturers with extensive experience in the practical application of project management, the course includes examination coaching and practice using sample questions.

This course does not cover the Scrum Framework.

Delegates should be prepared to set aside time to revise for the Practitioner exam in the evenings after the course lecture finishes. This includes studying the course Handbook, and working through sample exam questions.

  • Set up an Agile project

  • Identify appropriate people for Agile roles 

  • Define Increments and Timeboxes
to keep a project on track

  • Manage a Solution Development Team

  • Communicate with business stakeholders in a project environment

  • Use Agile techniques, including prioritisation of requirements,
to ensure on-time project delivery,

  • Present the benefits of Agile approaches to senior management

  • Identify risks to delivery of projects managed using the DSDM Agile approach



Practitioner Preparation


Roles and Responsibilities - the project manager's view


Agile Project Management through the Lifecycle


The Effective Use of the Products


Deliver on Time - Combining MoSCoW and Timeboxing


People, Teams, and Interactions


Requirements and User Stories


Estimating - How and When


Project Planning throughout the Lifecycle


Quality - Never Compromise Quality


Risk Management


Tailoring the Approach

Agile Practitioner Examination

All delegates will sit the APMG Agile Project Management Practitioner exam in the afternoon of the third day.

Exam timing

The Practitioner examination takes place at 13:00 on the afternoon of Day 3 and will last for up to 2.5 hours

Please Note: The last day (Day 3) will finish by 15:30 after the conclusion of the Practitioner exam.

Full details of the examination can be found on the APMG website.

APMG-International Agile Project Management is a trademark of The APM Group Limited.

We reserve the right to improve the specification and format of its courses for the benefit of its customers without notice to the customer.



Delegates must already be qualified at AgilePM Foundation level and show evidence of such on day-one of the course.

The Practitioner course is intended for anyone who expects to have a management or leadership role in an Agile project and is specifically built to support anyone who needs to apply the DSDM Project Management framework in a business environment. Delegates are expected to have experience of team leading, project management, or project assurance/support. This course is not aimed at delegates new to project management and Agile.

Proof of identity

Delegates must bring signed photo ID APMG examinations (e.g. passport, driving license, student card) as they will be asked by the invigilator to produce it prior to the exam. Delegates must also be familiar with the APMG Terms and Conditions of Certification which can be found on the APMG International website. 

Pre-Course Reading

Delegates are expected to already own the latest copy of the Agile Project Management Handbook (version 2.0) and be conversant with its content. The Handbook must be brought to the course.