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Art of hosting


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Today’s world offers huge potential for communication, mobility, better health and knowledge acquisition. Digital media allow us to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Everything seems possible, and everything is in flux. Humanity seems to be searching for new coherence that embraces both complexity and well-being, both individual and collective.

Not least, there is a strong need for a new kind of leadership, in our businesses, our organisations and our society. A leadership that can navigate unpredictabililty and complexity, find new landmarks and point the way towards individual and collective thriving. A leadership that can both connect with the here and now and fearlessly face what is coming.

This 3-day training offers methods and ways of working that can help both individuals and organisations to grapple with the growing complexity. You will have an opportunity to explore what it means to guide living systems, while immersing yourself in the practices of co-creation.

Our conversations will centre around the following questions:

How can we build confidence in our own capacities and improve our ability to work with complexity, leadership and taking initiative?
How do we hone our intentions to bring greater energy to our collaboration with others, in our organisations and communities?
What inner stances and capacities do we need to guide the transition from hierarchy to self-organisation and self-governance?



This training is for you if you:

- are looking for answers to today’s complex questions
- feel the need to grow in co-creation and collaboration with others
- are curious about what participatory leadership looks like in practice
- want to develop as a leader
- are looking for ways to lead your organisation towards greater self-direction and self-organisation.