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Data Protection Practitioner

Data Protection Practitioner


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Prepare for compliance with the new EU Data Protection regulations, understand the requirements and how that impacts you and your organisation.

Effective data protection is a legal requirement for all businesses and other organizations which acquire, store and process people's personal information, including sensitive personal details (e.g. medical history, financial details, religious affiliation and more).

The consequences of a data breach (personal information being lost, stolen or destroyed, either accidentally or deliberately) can be potentially large, with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) being able to impose arbitrary financial penalties of up to £500,000, and the loss of confidence and damage to reputation resulting from the inevitable publicity in the press and other media. Businesses and other organizations must ensure that they are compliant with current data protection regulations, and can plan effectively for compliance with upcoming EU Data protection regulations.

Target Audience:

The intended audience is those requiring a practical understanding current UK Data Protection requirements, and the current and proposed EU Data Protection regulations

This course will allow delegates to:

  • Understand basic principles of UK Data Protection.
  • How Data Protection applies to Businesses, Charities and other sectors.
  • Data Protection for Personal and Sensitive information
  • Basic Computer and Email security considerations for data protection.
  • Paper document security
  • Dealing with Data Breaches
  • Understand the current EU data Protection regulation as it applies to the UK
  • Consider how the upcoming EU Data Protection regulations will affect the UK
  • Preparing for Compliance with the new EU data protection regulations
  • Understanding the requirement for compliance, and timely reporting of data breaches




Module 1 - Data Protection for Business and Charities

Covers the fundamental requirements for all businesses, including departments such as marketing, legal, compliance, service management, operations and IT. Plus charities and those organisations that may be exempt from Data Protection registration.

Other sectors including Local Government can be included if required.

Module 2 - Computer & Email privacy and security

Covers best practices for personal computer & email privacy and security to protect personal information stored on PCs and data communicated electronically.

Module 3 - Personal vs Sensitive Information

Covers personal vs. sensitive information, the need for Acceptable Use Policies with examples of social engineering to obtain personal information.

Module 4 - Freedom of Information & Access Requests

Providing detailed examples of the processes and pitfalls regarding Freedom of Information requests and subject Access Requests

Module 5 - Data Breaches

Covers what to do about a data breach and shows some examples of penalties imposed for data breaches.

Day 2

Module 6 - The current EU Data Protection Regulation

The position today - current EU Data Protection Regulations

Module 7 -The proposed EU Data Protection Regulation

Introducing the proposed new Data Protection Regulation, including the requirement for compliance and penalties for non-compliance, and the requirement for timely notification of Data Breaches, and associated penalties for failure to notify.

Module 8- Specific business areas

Examines how the EU regulation will impact specific business areas e.g. the use of encryption described as 'state of the art' measures.



There are no specific pre-requisites for this course.