Excel Advanced VBA Course program for 2003 – 2010

Excel Advanced VBA Course program for 2003 – 2010


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In this course we address the typical “macro” problems. We avoid having duplicate code using parameters. We make the existing macro’s flexible and better. Your code will be structured and easier to manage. After that we are using events and user forms to present and steer the result of our actions. Going outside of Excel, into Outlook, Word and Access to get or distribute our data.



1. Resume: Subs and Functions, Parameters and return values in VBA User Defined Functions (UDF)
2. Events on Workbooks – Worksheets
3. Coupling Forms/Controls and Functions/Events
4. Work with Objects in VBA programming: SET
5. Working with Array variables: define, redefine, use
6. Working with Excel Objects/Collections: FOR EACH
7. Programming Charts with VBA
8. Programming Page Setup and Printing with VBA
9. Going to the outside (preparation)
10. Going to Access: Connect to a database
11. Going to Outlook: Send a customized mail, with an attachment.
12. Going to Word: Write Excel info on Word template using Fields/Content controls.
13. Windows API Programming (optional)
14. Customize Toolbars/ Ribbons/ Backstage (for 2007/2010) (optional)



Having followed the previous Basic VBA Course (MSVIC02).
Those who already have previous VBA programming experience in Excel.
Having a good idea of VBA decision structures, variables and looping structures.



People who are already good in recording Macro’s and editing them.
Everybody who wants to go to the next step in VBA programming. Making the Macro’s flexible using parameters, Using functions, using objects in VBA.
Those who want to develop macro/VBA solutions more efficiently.
If you want to integrate Word, Outlook or Access in your Excel automation project.