Experiencing Domain-Driven Design

Experiencing Domain-Driven Design


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Software design can have a very slow feedback loop: by the time you find out if the architectural and design decisions you made were the right ones, it may be too late for drastic changes. As developers, we tend to phrase all problems as technical problems, which can be sufficiently challenging in their own right. We tend to lose sight of the underlying business concerns.

Domain-Driven Design is total approach to building software for complex domains. It’s a way of thinking that helps you decide how to tackle complexity, and where to focus your efforts. By putting the business at the heart of our software, and keeping our domain model closely tied to our understanding of the business, we can create value at a much deeper level.

In this workshop, we’ll explore this central premise of Domain-Driven Design. We’ll take a practical approach: participants will be working on real-world problems. There will be no easy answers. Instead, you’ll learn how to ask the right questions, and how to evaluate different models.



• Discovering the domain and the Ubiquitous Language through Event Storming
• Creating a model to share insights between both technical and non-technical shareholders
• Applying General Systems Thinking and problem-solving techniques
• Visualizing strategic design using Bounded Contexts and Context Mapping
• Integrating with brownfield systems
• Tactical Design Patterns
• CQRS and Event Sourcing
• Modelling exercises
• …and much more



• Having read “Domain-Driven Design” (Evans, 2004) is recommended, but not essential.
• The course is programming language agnostic.



You are a Software Developer with some years of experience in working with complex domains.