Hands-on with Shiny

Hands-on with Shiny


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Shiny let’s you create nice reactive web applications on top of R computations without any web development skills required.
In this two-days Shiny course you will create your own sophisticated application and learn how to deploy it.
We start off easy by learning how to control the layout of your application and how to add widgets.
Next up we will learn about reactivity. What options does your application have to react on user input: immediately or via submit buttons.
During the course, applications will get more sophisticated by adding entire R scripts and input data. You will also learn how to return results to your users: displaying results, downloading pdf’s or other file formats, mailing results, …
Moreover we will go into detail on how to interact with the results. For example via hovering over or clicking on plots.
At the end you will learn how to deploy your web application on shinyapps.io as well as on your own server.




CHAPTER 1: Introduction to shiny
CHAPTER 2: Shiny under the hood: HTML, CSS and JavaScript (and why you don’t have to bother)
CHAPTER 3: Setting up a layout
CHAPTER 4: Shiny widgets
CHAPTER 5: Interactivity
- Reactive environment
- Reactive Values
- JavaScript plots
- Interacting with plots


CHAPTER 1: Using R scripts in Shiny
CHAPTER 2: Using modules (R scripts for user-interface elements)
CHAPTER 3: Introduction to Big Data
CHAPTER 4: Return results to users: mail, download, display, ...
CHAPTER 5: Deploy your app on shiny-apps.io
CHAPTER 6: Deploy your app on your own cluster (local or cloud)
CHAPTER 7: A final shiny example



Previous experience with R is required, no HTML or CSS knowledge is needed.



This course is aimed towards R developers willing to create their own interactive visualization.
It is also aimed to data visualizers with some development background who want to combine the power of R and visualization.