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iOS - Deployment & Management for Enterprise

iOS - Deployment & Management for Enterprise


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In this course you will get to know the tools and best practices on how to implement and manage mobile iOS devices like iPhone and iPad in enterprise environment.



Course Outline
- How to support iPad and iPhone users within your organization.
- How to do that in a professional and well structured way.
- What are the tools I can use to achieve this.

This course is available only for students that also attended iOS Deployment & management Basics.

During this day we will start working with 3rd party solutions, that can help you manage mobile devices in corporate environments.

Do you have to integrate these devices in an Apple-only environment or do need to integrate Blackberry, Android or Windows based systems as well?

Do you only want to set-up MDM (Mobile Device Management) or do you want to integrate this into other existing software?

Each environment is unique.

What will you learn?

The goal of this hands-on training is to provide insight into professional tools that are available today and that can be integrated into your own existing IT infrastructure.

After this course you will be capable to make strategic decisions and chooses for your own environment.



ICT Professionals that want to give full support to their users in the use of iPad and iPhone and want to integrate these devices into their existing infrastructure.