Vaadin Fundamentals

Vaadin Fundamentals


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The OAK3 Vaadin Fundamentals course teaches you exactly that: the fundamentals of Vaadin application development.
It will cover the necessary aspects of the server-side framework from using UI components and managing layouts to customizing your application themes. In this course you will learn how to get started with Vaadin application development from nothing to deployment.
It will show you how to develop a complex web application using virtually nothing but ‘plain’ Java code.

Course Objectives :
At the end of this course
- you will be able to create a Vaadin web application from scratch
- you will have a firm understanding of the technical and architectural structure behind a Vaadin web application
- you will be able to use a wide range of layout managers to create any layout needed for your web application
- you will be able to use Data Binding to couple your data model to the GUI components and keep both in synch without having to worry about the synchronization code
- you will be able to use EventListeners and Events to have your application react to any and all user actions you wish to capture
- you will be able to use a modifiable theme to adjust the look-and-feel of your web application
- you will have hands-on experience in creating, deploying and modifying a Vaadin web application project



- Vaadin philosophy
- Comparison to other technologies
- How Vaadin addresses challenges in web development
- Downsides to Vaadin
- Terminology
- Rule of Thumb

Building Blocks
- Needed software
- Suggested software
- Lab – creating your own Vaadin web application projects

- High level overview
- Application setup
- Communication between client and server
- Component architecture
- Component architecture behind the scenes
- How to approach the design of your application
- First brush with events, listeners and data binding
- Lab – Modify your own Vaadin web application

Web-app Setup
- Server side building blocks of your Vaadin web application
- How to debug and restart your Vaadin web application
- Manage your main window and how to manage its components
- Working with Events and EventListeners
- Referencing resources
- Shut down an application
- Error handling using sub windows and popup messages

- Component Features
- Inheritance tree for Components
- Demo – Sampler showing off the different components

- Component containers and their applications
- Layout managers as component containers
- Managing the window and root layout
- Different layout managers
- Size modification, alignment modification, expand ratio, margin, spacing
- Component alignment in a layout
- Styling using CSS (basics)

Data Binding and Forms
- Data model hierarchical components
- Data container types
- Form component, footer
- Bind data to a form
- Create custom fields
- Form options: field order, validation, required, visibility, buffering

- How to create your own theme
- How to use the Chameleon theme

- Make your own full web application using all the information gathered earlier in the course



You will need experience with development in Java and an honest and healthy interest in developing web applications



- Developers
- (Technical) Architects